Saturday, February 11, 2006


"Did your crack-crack attack really shatter the glass?"

"I'm not sure if it was my crack-crack attack or the force of Wolfe's punch!"

Michelle Yeoh does a wonderful job portraying the masked superhero type woman in this wonderful martial arts movie.

As a little girl, LuLu (Michelle Yeoh) trains at a Shaolin temple in martial arts and her best friend, Richman (Richie Jen), is always going on about standing up for justice and portrays himself as the superhero to all of his school, but when it came down to the fighting it was LuLu who really did it, and enjoyed it.

The movie opens with Silver Hawk having a major fight with guys in a semi-truck. Of course the fight went outside while the truck was still moving and she was having an obvious good time in beating up on the bad guys. It was so bad of a beating the bad guys actually tied themselves up! And just what was inside the semi that they would attempt to fight so hard for? A panda cub which Silver Hawk got to play with for a little while before heading on her merry way back to her other life of being an heiress.

In the meantime, Superintendent Richman (Richie all grown up now) is having a hard time finding this Silver Hawk and arresting her for being a vigilante. Perhaps it is needless to say his martial arts are still not as good as LuLu's was.

The two friends meet and Richman does not recognize his long lost friend for a while, but when he does, their friendship is quickly rekindled and he vents to LuLu about how Silver Hawk is causing him problems. Of course, LuLu considers Silver Hawk to be a crime fighting good guy and tells him so, but sweetly and with a beautiful smile.

Of course there are bad guys in this movie - a guy, Wolfe, who has prosthetic arms and a big black guy with some nasty moods who is none other than Michael Jai White from Spawn fame. His addition to the movie was actually quite good and added a different dimension to the movie itself.

Yes, the movie itself is campy, it has props and wonderful wire fu, but the story in and of itself is excellent and well told. There are a lot of flicks I would not like to watch again once I have seen them, but this is one where I would like to own and see it again, and probably again.

Silver Hawk is one of those perfect movies to see when there is snow on the ground and you want a good movie to enjoy. So, go out, rent it, buy it, enjoy it.

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