Monday, February 20, 2006

Snap Shots

Sitting quietly at the kitchen table, a cup of coffee before her, Alison watched the steam rise from the dark liquid. It was one of those "snap shot" moments she always enjoyed. Outside her window snow was piled up for six inches and the dogs were busily playing in it, romping and chasing each other. The sound of cars was joyously absent because of the snow. Not many would get out in weather such as this. It was a blessing for the most part.

Gary had headed out before day break to make it to work. He took the snowmobile this time. He had to take it in to work for about two days out of the year. He had already taken it out six times this winter.

Jenjen and Sarah came running for the back door. Alison smiled as she opened it just as it would seem they would both slam into it. It always amazed her how much they trusted her to have her eye always upon them and the door to miraculously open. What would they do in a couple of weeks with just Gary to take care of them for about a week while she was in the hospital?

Alison pushed the thought from her mind.

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