Monday, May 15, 2006

(How do you say "no" to such cute puppy eyes? Any way, No - mommy is writing today.)

It has been a while hasn't it, Dear Readers? I apologize. Since hubby is currently not gainfully employed there isn't a good schedule or even a moment to attempt a schedule any more. He has downloaded a program called "ProShare" which lets him download music and he is always on the computer downloading music now. This means no writing for me, of any sort, and as for up-dating The News or LJ means, well, it just means it is relatively impossible. So, today while he is out, here I am explaining what has been happening. *sigh* Hopefully this week will not be as lax in updates as they have been.

The Writing Front
The new novel is almost snail crawling forward, but it is progressing none-the-less. It would move faster if I had the computer to use during the day hours as is usual. At the moment it creeps forward on paper with pen. Today I am putting as much of it to the screen and a computer file as I can possibly do.

"The Child's Voice"
I know, I missed several installments of this story, but it is going to be appearing this week come heck or high water (with all of the rain we've been having, hopefully the high water won't appear where we are).

All right, that's it for me for the moment. There will be more later this week, if not today.

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