Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Turtle-like and Writing - Somewhat Related

Yesterday I did not have enough time to sit and just let myself Be. I enjoy doing this in the sunshine. Sometimes I compare myself to a turtle and sometimes to a cat because of their love for the warmth of spring and summer. Mostly I think, I am a little more turtle-like than cat-like because a) I don't move very fast at all; and b) turtles have a tendency to just sit and Be: they are in their own moment, their own portion of the world, and don't truly see a need for moving too quickly. (But when there is a need, you would be quite surprised to see how quickly a turtle can move!) So, yesterday, I didn't get to experience the zen of the turtle enjoying the sun as much as I would have liked.

Today I will not get to be as turtle-like as I would like either - because B and I will be doing things away from home today. This is really an extra shame because a new story, a new novel has presented itself. It is a science fiction adventure and I am pretty sure it is a novel, or will be a novel length piece before it is finished.

At the moment it resides in one of my beloved moleskin journals. Since I am not going to tear the pages out, this means I will be writing there and then transcribing until the story becomes so large it isn't feasible to keep it there. Before all is decided and done, I may just transcribe what I have now and continue on the PC. Sadly, now is when I would love to have a laptop just so I could go outside and write. The tools of the trade become necessary at some points. When I have my first big sale you can pretty much guess my first big purchase.

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