Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Underfoot or Bored?

When husbands don't work they sometimes become worse than children with needing entertainment. It is understandable - they are used to going out every day and being gone, and feeling, usually, as if they are doing what they need to be doing even if the job they have isn't the best or one that makes them happy. When this feeling of being useful and doing what needs to be done goes away for a bit, they are lost and try and fill their time with as much as possible of something else, anything else, just so the day passes.

I don't have proof of this, but in observing my dear hubby for the past couple of weeks makes me believe this is so. It doesn't help that he gets underfoot and I get annoyed and aggravated at him for always taking up time I usually have for doing the things I need to be doing and that make me feel useful. So, slowly, I am learning how to entertain and grab time to myself to get the writing done and feel like myself. It isn't easy, but it is beginning to get easier...I think.

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