Sunday, May 21, 2006

Plottings and Plannings for the Normal Way of Life

Today is Sunday, this means that tomorrow is Monday.

Normally Monday would mean hubby is heading off to work, I would do some work on the kitchen and then I would begin working on the writing and, of course, playing with my babies (my dogs). Now, since hubby isn't working, Mondays aren't exactly Mondays you know? And if the truth be known - and admitted - I miss them. I miss the normalcy of them. I miss the regimen of knowing what I am going to do in a given day.

So, if it is possible, tomorrow I am going to try and reach "normalcy" by getting into a different routine, and, hopefully, keep it even though B is not working and has not found a lead on any jobs. The routine is simple: do yoga, do some quick job hunting for/with B, and then start writing and write like mad until he takes needs the computer!

See, there is a plan!

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