Monday, June 12, 2006

I Needed THIS Weekend

It has been a seriously long time since I have had a weekend like this past one. There wasn't anything done that was of major consequence, it was just one of those FUN weekends where there wasn't a hassle needing to do one thing and then another, or having to be some place and then somewhere else within a very short span of time. It was one of those weekends where I wanted to play and have fun and, quite surprisingly, that is exactly what we did.

On Saturday Hubby and I just relaxed and waited for a visit from one of my sisters that didn't materialize. While we were waiting for a score of other people too, this time friends, we watched loads of movies on TV (thank the Good Lord for cable), then got all gussied up and went to eat at our favorite Indian restaurant called Tandoor here in Lexington. After eating we went to the $1.50 movies and saw Take the Lead with Antonio Banderas. It had been quite a while since I saw pure elegance in a film and it was beyond refreshing.

Hubby liked the movie, too. He laughed and pulled for the kids and we ended up bobbing to some of the movie soundtrack. We had a wonderful time in the movie, although just prior to going into the movies there was a bit of tension, but that is for just a little bit later.

When we came out of the theater there was LOTS of lightning flashes and a crash of thunder directly over our heads that almost made me pee on myself! It was intense and we laughed, because even my darling Hubby flinched at the sudden sound of it.

Sunday we went to Church then went out to eat lunch at our favorite Chinese place, #1 China Buffet, and then dived over to a game store for Hubby to pick up a memory card for his PS2 and I picked out a game for myself on the XBox and he grabbed a new game for his PS2 (it was a used game, just new to us). After that we picked up his pants from the tailor's and then on to Barnes & Nobles where we met some friends and finished making their characters for the role playing game I am currently running. It was beyond fun.

When our friends left Hubby and I just tooled around Barnes & Noble's and looked and books. We didn't buy anything, of course, but we still had a wonderful time. When we came home we ate some wonderful sammiches and watched things we had recorded on the DVR.

This was a weekend of play for me and Hubby. It was the sort of weekend we've needed for quite a while. I suppose we could have tried to plan such a weekend and see if we couldn't make it happen, of course, but it is so much more enjoyable when it just happens spontaneously and life gives you a breather.

*** *** ***

OK, when we go to the movies there were two police cars there and several police officers. According to a black family, there was a woman taking pictures of her children who had gone to see Ice Age 2 and just before going in, a while family came out with the mother crying and the father upset because a woman had also been taking pictures of their child. Also, a man had offered to expose himself to some other man's daughter. It was a black man and he was ready to collect his friends and wait for the guy to come back to the theater just so they could dole out a little justice. The police convinced them otherwise, but, quite honestly, I was with the men who wanted to teach the perv a lesson!

Is it my imagination or is it getting almost impossible for children to be children these days without having to worry about perverts?

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