Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pet Notes

I was tooling through the email today and trashing a good quantity of it, when I discovered an email talking about first aid for your pets. Since I do not have an equine and my husband does not yet have a salt water tank, the only one I really paid close attention to was for the cats. It is here, for cats and I have to admit it got me to thinking - what about dogs?

I think this is pretty much a good thing to have set aside for the canines as well. Along with the sharp tweezers, for the dog emergency kit I would also have a pair of blunt ones because with dogs they need to have burs and things removed, and scratching or upsetting an animal that is larger, usually, than a cat, not irritating a wound would be quite good. If anyone has any further additions to the kit for dogs (or cats), I would be most interested.

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