Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Poetry by Jewell Asher Foley

By Jewell Asher Foley
Copyright (c) 2006 by Jewell Asher Foley

Sometimes the future seems uncertain,
And we're not sure of what tomorrow holds,
Then is the time to look beyond tomorrow,
Where the certainty of our salvation unfolds.

It's not for us to see behind the curtain
That covers the future things.
For we who are weak could never bear
The burden that knowledge would bring.

Joseph was sure he had a bad day
The day his brothers sold him.
He could not see his future,
Though in a dream God told him.

We creatures of the present
Count many things as loss.
When, instead of wishing, when God says,
"Go Fishing,"
We should take the tartar sauce.

Jewell Asher Foley
April 20, 2000

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