Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Book review.

Awaken Me Darkly by Gena Showalter was a so-so read I am sad to say. It sounded as if it would be a really good read according to the back of the book cover:

In a time and place not too far away, Mia Snow is an alien huntress for the New Chicago Police Department. Heading up her expert team of Alien Investigation and Removal Agents, Mia's unmatched at battling the elusive enemy among us, and she's the perfect girl for the job. She's seen hr brother die at the hands of aliens. She's earned each of her scars. And she'll die before she cries. Now, a series of killings have Mia and her partner Dallas tracking alien suspects -- but a sudden blast of violence leaves Dallas fighting for his life.

The chance to save Dallas appears in the form of a tall, erotic stranger. An alien. A murder suspect. Kyrin en Arr, of the deadly Arcadian species, holds the power to heal the injured agent but not without a price. For Mia Snow, that price is surrendering to Kyrin's forbidden seduction...and embracing their electric attraction. She's walking a knife's edge, risking her badge and even her life. The closer she gets to Kyrin, the more Mia learns about her own heart, her human needs -- and the shocking secret that will shatter everything she's ever believed.

The most amazing character was Kyrin en Arr. He was handsomely described and often as "soft velvet over steel" which made me sit up and take notice. However, Mia Snow was a two dimensional Dirty Harriette and was such a hard ass character I simply could not get behind her. Even when she "softened" after many fights with Kyrin (literal fights) and her lineage was revealed (she is half Arcadian herself, and human) she wasn't much of a person to get behind. Quite honestly, I had to make myself finish this book. Why? Because I need to get back into reading and even crap must be finished before you should move on to the next novel or story to read.

As for how the words were put together -- they were put together well, just not exceptionally so. The characters, as long as it wasn't our main character, were good and interesting -- except for Mia Snow. And the plot, well, I figured out what was probably going to happen by the end of the first chapter. It was somewhat predictable.

A friend of mine says she likes "happy endings" in her books. This book has a happy ending all in all, but getting there was a struggle, and as for action, well, there wasn't really. The seduction scenes were well done however, as well as the obligatory love-making scene, but little else was done well in my humble opinion.

Gena Showalter is, according to several, a wonderful writer. It seems I have picked up the lesser of her best to try her out. Out of five stars I give it a two.


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