Wednesday, February 28, 2007

With Progress and Fortune Cookies You Can't Go Wrong...Sometimes

Today was a late day. Hubby and I are still battling the bug (or whatever it is) we picked up recently. We rose late after staying up late last night reading. Despite having arisen so very late, there was actually progress made on Writing Project #1.

With an editor's hate carefully ensconced upon my head, I went through the pages of WP#1 and did some careful editing. I must admit, I was pleased with the result. The story is tighter and the word count has gone up. It hasn't gone up considerably from yesterday, but it has gone up and the story is moving from point to (possible) point with precision, if not always gracefully.

After taking a break for a late supper of Chinese delivery, I felt accomplished when I reached for my fortune cookie. After eating part of said cookie I looked at my fortune and burst into a wide, happy smile.

It said:

Through greater effort and hard work, a precious dream comes true.

Yeah, I needed that after today.

Current total words for WP#1: 23,319
Words since yesterday: 299

There will be more words later on tonight with another word-count, hopefully, tomorrow.

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