Sunday, February 25, 2007

DVRs, Video Games, and Knitting Needles

I have been a very bad blogger of late haven't I. Yes, I know. It hasn't been because I have been too busy or that I haven't been able to hold my head up because of sickness. It has been because of a serious lack of energy. I understand why the "lack of energy" thing happened, so, currently, am taking steps to correct this. No, it isn't life-threatening or anything like that.

What have I been doing, then? Well, I have been recording things on the DVR to watch later and sit in the living room with dear Hubby and knit while he is playing his video games. Since he has finished Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic he has been trying to find another game to finish. Now he is working on a game calledNew Legends. When he stopped playing it before he wasn't that far from the end, so he figured he would finish it. While he has been doing this I have, of course, been knitting.

The baby blanket isn't finished because I have taken some time out to work on a pair of leg warmers for myself. I love wearing skirts and need something to keep my legs warm, so am making leg warmers for myself. Out of real wool. They are warm in making them and I am sure they will be warm when wearing them on my legs. When the leg warmers are completed I will return my attention back to the baby blanket, and then I am seriously thinking about finding more patterns for lace projects, hopefully easy ones.

Speaking of knitting, I have found a book on-line that talks about making yarn from dog hair. Any type of dog hair as far as I can tell. This makes me think about getting a spindle and working on making my own yarn using my girl's hair. If not that, I may try and find some place to get some "un-worked" wool, only wool that has been cleaned and perhaps brushed, and then dye it into this idea of a purple I have and spin it into thread and make something for myself. It is always best to try and make something for yourself first because you can correct things for projects later on down the road.

Wow, according to a friend I just may well be "a textile artist" - it's strange to think of knitting as an art form. How did that happen?

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