Friday, February 02, 2007

For the record...

...this is my blog with ideas and things I come up with or am interested in. The piece about the "red Fridays" has drawn some very interesting and quite negative responses. I do not appreciate being called the names I was given from the comments, therefore the comments have been deleted from public view.

It is not my intention to purposely offend anyone with anything I say here or write anywhere else. However, it is also no secret I do not support the war itself, but I do support the troops - they are Americans and they are doing a job no one in their right minds should ever be asked to do, but they are doing it for love of country and, quite honestly, a job. They have a lot on their plates and it is not my intention to ever make their job and task seem frivolous or demeaned. I have the utmost respect for the soldiers over there now (actually any soldier) and those who have made it back alive or dead. If I can show one single soldier support through this little blog then I consider it a wonderful task as this is the only way I can support anyone so many miles from me.

And no, I don't just appreciate and respect the soldiers via the Internet - each and every time I see a soldier in uniform, male or female, I make a point of welcoming them home and telling them thank you with a handshake. Each time I have done this the soldier has smiled and brightened just a little. This entire nation is NOT filled with assholes who do a lot of talking but little action.

For those of you who do not find this blog offensive, I thank you heartily from the depths of my heart for reading. For those of you who may find this blog offensive - you know, you don't have to read it.

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