Thursday, February 08, 2007

Knitting Accomplsihments

Here is a nice picture of the fingerless mitts I was able to finish last night. I did it in a double rib and just a little larger for ease of putting them on and off when my hands were tired and so very, very achy. I am quite proud of them. Now that I have discovered how to make them it is just about a "weekend" project, meaning two days' worth of knitting and there they are - ready to wear and keep the hands warm.
This is another set I did. Actually it is the very first set of fingerless mitts.
purple fingerless mitts
They were a little harder to put on than the colorful ones, but they kept my hands wonderfully warm. The sad part is that they were supposed to be made for a friend's sister who works in a very cold office. Since they were so tight, even for my tiny hands, I decided to make her another pair in the purple, which I did, and then kept these and made myself a brighter pair.
I am seriously considering I will use the purple ones for every day and the bright colored ones for when I am out. There should be some positive color in the coldness of winter.

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Windansea said...

Hi Henrietta, these are great - I love fingerless mitts. I keep making them for others but I don't have any for myself. I'll have to fix that! Lydia