Monday, February 12, 2007

Learning a new process.

Hubby is off work for the moment. The novel(s), however, are not. They still must be written. So, today I thought through the day and its hours and came up with a working schedule for writing, typing, and doing many other things to aid Hubby in discovering a new place of employment. It can be done! I was amazed, mostly because I have become quite used to having my daylight hours to myself to work and do as I needed to do while giving him the hours when he was home from work.

Normally this change would make me quite sad and irritated. This time I am embracing what is occurring and still managing to do the writing and everything else that is needed to continue forward with a day as well as be his support and helper.

Could it be, possibly, I have grown up just a little more than last year? Could it be I am settling into life again after feeling outside of it for so very long? I hope so, because I am enjoying this feeling of newer confidence.

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