Thursday, March 01, 2007

Spring causes me to think of change and growth.

I know it isn't spring yet with all of the snow falling out west, but the rains have begun to fall here in Kentucky. April showers may bring May flowers, but in Kentucky you can expect a fairly good amount of the wet stuff in March as well. Just as the snow has been falling in the west, rain has begun to fall here, which makes me think of the coming spring and how I would like to see differences, changes in my surroundings as well as on the blog and in my little corner of the world in general.

Yes, change is coming to The News. There could be a new look in its future. It may also move (perhaps, but not likely) from Blogger to some other place where it would just be The Kentucky Mountain Girl However, the content would pretty much be the same and it would still be open to submissions and life would go on otherwise just as it has always gone on.

Today I feel more like the writer than I have for several months. The arthritis hit, of course, because of the rain, but it did not cause me so much pain I didn't think even for a moment of not putting words down on WP#1 and anywhere else I have taken it upon myself to post words such as The News and the little LJ I also keep.

Today I have seen a continuation and a change in how I approach writing. This is a new development. Right now everything has its set pattern, just as it has always had, but there is more attention to detail and to thought before some words go down. This is good, I believe, because I am indeed pushing myself beyond the safe zone.

Many writers, many people, have a safe zone, that place where they know something will work and their minds and intentions aren't challenged and called into question. With writing, or any art, this can be a "death zone" as well. Since I am still so young to the writing world, I know this could be a death knell to something before it has begun and have, therefore, endeavored to keep it from happening. And it feels good. It feels very good indeed!

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