Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Strange news stories, writing, and Jocalat bars.

Today has been one of those lazy, happy, hopeful days filled with friends, books, talk and laughter. To put it succinctly - it has been a wonderful day.

Yesterday wasn't a shabby day either. I sat me down and got some words down on WP #1 and the current word total is 25,037! I am so stoked about that. Although it is late, I am going to sit myself down and get a few more words down before I go to bed or do some knitting. Books, sadly, don't write themselves or spring from your head fully formed. They take time. They take thought. They just about drive you insane in parts, but the appear to be quite worth it in the end. *sigh* So, I plod forward and the words grow and life goes on, and the life, this life, still feels pretty good.

In order to keep the writing going to to give myself a physical reward, I make sure and treat myself with a Jocalat bar in the orange and chocolate flavor or the coffee and chocolate flavor. Yes, I know, seeing the word count go up should be all the reward I need, but when even that joy fails to push you further into composing the story you need a little extra help. I love these things, and I make sure and eat one only after I have worked on WP#1 (or whatever writing project I have going at the time). It works. Which is good.

I am also doing a ton of reading of late. I have three books borrowed from a friend and purchased several. Today I found the first book in the Dresden Files series since I absolutely love the show. The first book in the series is Storm Front. I read the first chapter and am hooked. I want to read all of them now and am going to have to make myself take one book at a time! Since I am still in the romance reading phase, I am also reading Lie By Moonlight by Amanda Quick. It isn't a bad read either. I began reading Lie By Moonlight before Jim Butcher's Storm Front so I will finish it before reading Dresden.

Now for some odd stories in the news I found today:

Baby boy supposedly emasculated by family pet, but the mother was high and the injuries are not consistent with a dog attack. Also, the dog was an 8 lb dauchsund.

People want to exhume Houdini's body.

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