Friday, March 30, 2007

Yay! A hat!

Yes, I know it is late and I should really be in bed by now, but I simply had to post this - my first ever truly knitted hat. I have always crocheted hats before, never knitted.
One of the most interesting things about this hat is that I didn't use a pattern. At all. I just cast on a good number of stitches, enough I think would fit my head, and I started knitting. I knew I wanted a k1 p1 (knit 1, purl 1) rib before the full knitting of stockinette stitches. So, I just began the thing yesterday and finished it today. *happy sigh*
My Hubby liked the hat so very much he tried to actually take it, but it wasn't big enough for him. This is the only reason I am able to have it currently on my head at the moment. So, to make him happy, I have begun him another hat. Since the first one wasn't so planned out and it turned out OK, I'm doing the same thing with his. But I'm changing it up some. I am doing it on US size 3 circular and double pointed needles (dpns) just as soon as the decreases begin to make it very difficult to keep the hat going on the circulars. Because it is being done on such a small needle size I added a good twenty extra cast ons and then am working in a k1 p1 rib, but I don't believe I am going to make it quite as long as the one I did for myself.
The thread is cotton, so these will be able to be worn during the heat of summer. I also want to make myself a scarf out of this thread and perhaps a nice little bag. I'm dying to try out an idea for a bag, which is the original purpose for purchasing this thread, but since projects come as projects come, I am pleased with what has been happening here with the thread. I believe there is another ball of the thread I can pick up from Michael's just as soon as I have a little bit of extra funds to spread around at a couple of different yarn places. (JoAnn's has better prices, but the store simply doesn't have the choices that Michael's has in the yarn department, or in the needle department. It would be so nice to be able to get into the yarn store near UK, but I can't, so no use in dreaming about it.) One of the said places is going to be on-line for some needles which I am having a problem finding in an actual yarn place.
I am going to start saving my pennies soon for the yarn I need to make an afghan for someone for Christmas. I also need to work on Hubby's sweater I promised him; plus there is a pair of shorts I would like to make myself. The baby blanket needs to be finished or I need to make some baby bibs or something for the babette which is soon to be here.
My mind boggles at all I need to do with this knitting thing! It is the perfect end to a very busy and hard writing day, or when you aren't feeling well. Knitting makes me feel productive even if I haven't really been. I love knitting.

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