Sunday, March 18, 2007

Not So Much Progress to Report

Yuck o! Yep. That is the current feeling of this household. Yuck O. You really need to stress the last part of it to get more of the feeling of it, unless you have the current crud going around (here at least).

It is nasty. The tummy can't decide which end is best used in getting rid of most food and the head feels as if the universe, or, at the very least, the galaxy has decided your head can't be trusted to think, feel, or be anything other than congested.

Yep. Yuck o.

It isn't just me either. Hubby has it too. However, his "constitution" is stronger than mine which means his tummy is revolting. However, he has pains in the tum tum and his sides are sore from sneezing, coughing, and just feeling absolutely like crud of the worst sort.

Still, today is a little better in some ways than yesterday. Except for my head. I need a new one of those, or at the very least a new nose and sinus pathways. Yesterday I could sit and knit and sort of watch Hubby play on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II and pass the time and pretend to feel better. Today there just really isn't pretending. I feel bad. This means, of course, it is time to dig deep and grab the boot straps and go for feeling better if at all possible. I'll work on that tomorrow.

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