Thursday, March 29, 2007

TV, Reading, and Just Living

Today has been one of the more painful days I've had in a while. It has been such a downer that I haven't even thought about picking up the knitting and finishing the cap I started yesterday. Yesterday, in and of itself, wasn't a good day per se, but it was a little better than today has been. Luckily I am not a major grump-ass like normal. Why? Because I actually figured I was going to have a few days like this until the weather stabilized to its normal spring and summer temps. Since this was expected I am just smiling the best I can, moving slowly, and just letting life roll right along with me.

One good thing about yesterday was that I began reading Storm Front in earnest. Jim Butcher has a wonderful character in Harry Dresden. I am just sad I didn't know anything about this series of books until the series came out on SciFi. You can check out the series here at The thing I really like about this series is that you get to catch up on the episodes you've missed on itself. I really enjoy that.

If you haven't started reading The Dresden Files I highly encourage it. They are wonderful books. Storm Front has not let me down so far. Yes, it isn't finished, but it is going to be finished very, very soon. So, enjoy reading. Roll along with life, just like me.

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