Friday, March 02, 2007

Heart of Honor, a Book Review

Heart of Honor, by Kat Martin was an absolutely surprisingly wonderful read! According to the front cover, Heart of Honor is "The first in a breathtaking new trilogy" concerning these characters. Even though I am not a romance reader per se, I must admit here and now that I will indeed be reading this trilogy!

From beginning to end it was romantic, heroic, and truly a read I was not expecting. The action moved forward well and kept my attention from beginning to end. The characters of Leif the Viking and Krista Hart, the Englishwoman who fell in love with him, shows how love can conquer all. Of course it can! Romance novels are for that very purpose! Love conquers all and there is a happy ending, which, I am discovering, gives us women hope when all else seems to be in shaky stability around us. It is an escape, this novel, of wonderful proportions.

The back cover says:

Krista Hart, publisher of the weekly London ladies' gazette Heart to Heart, is not afraid to speak her mind. Even on such unpopular issues as social reform -- risking her reputation and her very safety -- Krista will not be intimidated, although she knows full well she is the target of angry opposition for her outspoken views.

When she encounters a powerful Viking descendant imprisoned as a local sideshow attraction, Krista angrily demands his release. Although she tells herself that freeing Leif Draugr is simply the right thing to do, she can't deny being attracted to the fierce Nordic chieftain, especially after her father transforms him into a "proper" English gentleman.

Bu as anonymous threats against Krista become more and more aggressive, it is Leif who must face the unseen enemies desperate to silence her, even as they push her closer into the embrace of a warrior prepared to do whatever it takes to make her his.

I must admit, this was an excellent, adventure packed, love filled, heroic story. I give it a four out of five stars. ****

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