Monday, March 05, 2007

Wow. Monday.

Can't you just feel the enthusiasm there?

Yes, today has been Monday, but not the normal Monday with everything starting all over again and life being all hectic and un-nice. Hubby had a job interview that seems to have gone well, and I had a few hours of solo time. As we all know, this Editor needs time to just sit and have space, time to play silly games on Yahoo! and have in depth discussions with the dogs and cat about the current state of the Universe. These are very important for keep The Editor, which is me, somewhat on the more saner side of insanity.

Much was accomplished, nonetheless. Bills were paid. Games were played. Play was had with the loverly dorgs, and the kitty was properly pampered. No writing was accomplished. No earth shattering, or earth trembling epiphanies was had. Just quiet time with the music blaring and happy times all by myself.

It was needed.

Hubby also used the time to visit family and friends on his own time and he came home with brighter, happier smiles than when he originally left this morning.

Yes, today has been Monday. And it has been quite refreshing.

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