Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wandering Through the Land of Imagination

Books are a very important part of my life, which is something you all know. Getting lost into a good book and writing something in which you can get lost in are such wonderful experiences. There simply aren't any boundaries in many ways where the imagination is concerned. However, when you are writing, you have to make what is happening fair and realistic to a degree (i.e. the world you are working on at the time) because the readers need fairness. They are reading your work because they want an escape from their own lives and they will read and let go of reality until some serious break happens to discourage the illusion. I am that way when I read, and now I am becoming the same with my writing: I don't want to discourage the reader's fantasy and imagination, but I need to be fair to the readers, all of them.

Why am I saying all of this now? Because the end of the tunnel is close enough for the drag queen that I can see glimpses of what is outside the end of said tunnel. And, in seeing it, I can also see a fair way of ending this thing, and an unfair way of ending it. The fair way would require just a little longer writing time, but it would be more right than the wrong way, which would leave a ton of loose ends and unsettled conclusions. Some conclusions I am pretty sure everyone is going to figure out on their own, but some aren't so easy and if I leave them alone....

So, the end is near. I am both elated and sad. I'll let you know when it all happens. Tomorrow will bring this novel-in-progress closer to an end as well as the next novel closer to picking up and rattling forward.

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