Saturday, June 09, 2007

What happened to TV Guide?

Today, on a lark, I asked my Hubby to pick up a TV Guide. You know those small magazines that list what is on TV each week and have wonderful crossword puzzles in the back? They aren't small any more. When did that happen? Yes, it has been quite a few...years... since I felt the need to purchase a TV Guide, but did they have to change so much?

Where is the information about the shows? Remember there used to be little blurbs to tell you a little about the show or movie so you could decide if you wanted to watch it or not? They aren't there any more either. Instead of blurbs there is just a list of the show, a time and that's it. I feel...taken. And not in a good way. In that, "You mean I had my Hubby pay our money for this?" way.

And it's big. Filled with articles. Like a magazine. I don't expect I'll purchase any more TV Guides. If I want to look up what is playing on TV I'll just keep doing like I am now by scanning the actual listings of the shows. At least they give you blurbs there.

The crossword section is still nice, though, but not worth $2.49 plus tax.

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