Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wayward Editor Note

Welcome, one and all, to another somewhat thrilling and informative episode of “Guest Articles by Cheyenne.” This is, as one would hope, Cheyenne, speaking on behalf of The Editor, who asks me to pass along a rather simple message today.

“This first week of school is kicking my butt.”

Show of hands – Who’s surprised at that? Yeah, me neither.

She plans to be back, once she’s gotten the hang of her days now, and I can’t blame her much – she’s up with the sun anymore to get to class, and home in the early afternoon. Unless it’s a PT day. On PT days she doesn’t get home until the evening. And the days will get a little longer for her, too, once she starts tutoring people in English three days a week.

It might be a few days for her to get the hang of things again. But she will be back.

Until she does get back, she thought some of you might enjoy some musing of my own -specifically, this piece on heroes and heroics. It’s not overly long, the way some of my thoughts can get (don’t ask me my opinions on the current state of comic books – that could take days), but it was a fun thought nonetheless.

Today is the last day of class this week, so depending on how things went, The Editor may have a post sometime this weekend. It will probably be a little while longer before she’s settled into any sort of schedule, but she will be back soon.

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