Sunday, July 01, 2007

I Live and Life Has Picked Up Steam!

It is late, yes, but I promised myself I wasn't going to let another single day go by without writing here. Even if, perhaps, you have not missed me, Dear Readers, I have missed you! Having life suddenly jump forward fifty feet and you're holding on with both hands for the ride of your life isn't half as fun when you aren't sharing it with someone, or many someones!

The first week of classes went remarkably well. The elevator at Sullivan and I are now fast friends. I am adoring my intro to law class, and I am beginning to really get seriously interested in the intro to law research class. Sadly I did not test out of my remedial math class so I am looking at it as a learning process and simply moving forward. The keyboarding/typing class is a hoot at the moment. (I have a one page paper, first draft, due in the keyboarding class on Thursday which means I should really get to looking up some material for it.) And, I begin working at the English/writing center on Tuesday.

Yes, I am VERY glad we have off on Wednesday for Independence Day! I need it.

My head and heart are quite full of words to share with you all, but, sadly, I must away to bed and prepare for Church tomorrow. Just wanted you all to know I am still alive, and, well, I miss you. I really, really do, and now that my schedule is settling down and settling in, I should be sharing this wonderful new adventure with you almost daily very, very soon.

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