Friday, July 27, 2007

So...Now What Do I Read?

As you may have guessed from the title, I have finished reading HP7.

I smiled quite a lot at times, giggled a couple of times, and even cried once. Can you guess which part got to me the most and had me crying? I'm pretty sure you have a clue.

The end was...interesting to say the least. However, I am really glad it had its conclusion the way it was, but it almost made me think Ms. Rowling has left herself open for some more stories for later on. It was good to see she left us some hope, but really, why does the novel need to go on any further? This particular story is told and I have fallen in love with the entire series against my will. *big grin* So now I look around for a new series to sink my teeth into. It should be something epic and heroic. Jaybird suggested Fire and Ice which I'll check out at Bohannan's tomorrow if we actually make it to tai chi.

Why would we not go? Well, there is drama brewing. Hopefully I'll be able to explain in a few days.

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