Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Not the Fourth of July I expected, but it hasn't actually been bad either...

There were plans for today. Good plans. Hubby and I would sleep in, then after food we would walk downtown and enjoy the Fourth of July parade and then walk around and see the vendors and listen to all of the wonderful music people pull out at this celebration. We didn't do any of it.

It isn't because we didn't want to do any of it, but because of circumstances far beyond our control as in the following: 1) My niece is here in Lexington at the University of Kentucky hospital with her husband. He is horribly sick. We stayed with her and him until after eleven o'clock last night. This really wiped me out and also Hubby, who would have slept past Noon if I had actually been able to sleep. 2) Since early this morning my stomach has not been happy with me. Part of it could, of course, be nerves, and part of it could be maybe having a touch of something from school. Something was going around Monday which may explain my migraine of yesterday and my upset stomach this morning. Right now, however, I am feeling better and have been able to actually finish my math homework (there is a test in there tomorrow) and I have been studying my intro to law.

Hubby didn't want to go downtown by himself, and he has stayed around here to make sure my niece didn't need something. He is such a wonderful guy.

My break is over now so back to studying I go.

Happy Independence Day everyone! Hope yours has been fantastic!

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