Friday, July 20, 2007

The Wait is Almost Over!

I didn't intend to be a Harry Potter fan.  I had no intention of it at all.  I read the first three books because a friend bought them for me as a present.  I felt guilty in not reading them since they were indeed a gift.  The first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, was a quick read.  Despite myself I enjoyed it.  However, when I read HP and the Chamber of Secrets I was pretty sure the third book would completely suck, but that would be all right because I would have used my present and then I could give them away and not feel guilty.  However, with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban J. K. Rowling had me hooked, and hooked deeply.  Suddenly the characters weren't just children, but an entire world had opened up and it was a fascinating place to run away to.  Since the third novel I have waited, sometimes patiently, for the novels to come out and began purchasing them in hardback because I wanted to keep them like I do my lovely Charles Dickens.  Once I have the seventh novel, which should be in my greedy little paws by tomorrow afternoon with the delivery of the mail, I will sit and read it quite happily.  I will even get the homework done early so there will be time for me to sit and read quietly.  I will enjoy it and see how it ends.  Is Dumbledore really dead?  I don't believe he is because of something he told Harry once.  I will vanish into this newest of fantasy worlds that has won my heart over and when it is through I plan on going back to book one and reading all the way through to book seven.
Am I saddened the series has ended?  No, not really.  Why?  Because the story is finished.  I have been brought into a world I can enjoy and I have laughed and cried with the characters and literally wept over Dumbledore.  But, also being the writer, I understand how it is--the tale has been told.  Doing any more with it would make it just for the money instead of just for the adventure of telling the tale and seeing what was going to happen next.  Why mess with a good thing when we have all known from the very beginning there was going to be a conclusion and wrapping up of the story with book seven?  I am hoping, however, Ms. Rowling doesn't stop writing.  Period.  I am sure she has other stories and novels up her sleeve and tapping furiously at her gray matter to get out.  What will be next from her?  As far as I am concerned it doesn't even have to be a fantasy novel.  I just would really like to read more from her.  Maybe she will write a romance or a horror novel or maybe even a sci fi piece!  The horizon is the limit, and since we never technically reach the horizon....  You understand what I am saying.
So, to everyone out there waiting for the next Harry Potter novel, I am SO right there with you!  I can't hardly wait!  What are your Harry Potter parties going to be like?  Anyone want to share?  For my own I am planning on going to Georgetown, KY where it is reported the entirety of Main Street will be closed down and there will be "wizards" wandering the streets and doing their tricks, and people running around in costume and enjoying their piece of Hogworts-style fun.  Yep, going to be as much in the middle of it as possible.  I hope Hubby can tolerate all the wonders of it.
(And yes, each and every time I so much as think about being in the middle of things Just Bill pops into my mind and I can't help but smile.)

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