Thursday, July 05, 2007

I R Student

Sitting here in this classroom, at this moment, the difference between myself and the rest of my classmates is quite visible. I am in a wheelchair. They are not. I have been around the block and just by the majority of their behavior and questions it is easy to see they have not (except for one or two older ladies, but even they are younger than me, but definitely older than 19 or 20).

Many are still quite uncertain of who they genuinely are at their very base; I am not so uncertain any more. My base is settled and surprisingly firm.

The one thing we have in common is this class and this school. We are all sitting here trying to open our minds and take in spectacular new information. We have general anxiety on tests. We are students.

No matter what our backgrounds are or the life experiences we have had, in here we are all the same more or less. I find it quite refreshing actually. School, higher education, more education is a challenge I have needed, even desired, for a long time. It is like having a long draught of water after taking a very long walk in the hot summer sun. So far, my thirst has not been quenched. I am beginning to wonder if it ever will.

All of this is so very rejuvenating!

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