Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Surprisingly Perfect

Sitting here quietly and feeling my medicine start to work. At first it is just a slight tiredness and then there is relaxation. After this point there is about twenty minutes before I start snoring. Thank goodness for muscle relaxers! I'm not sure where I would be without them.

It hadn't really dawned on me I sincerely needed them until my leg muscles began to spasm righteously one evening. When I attempted to bed my knee the spasms became less, but I just couldn't get my leg bent enough to make he entire spasm go away, so I took a muscle relaxer. I am not quite such a silly ninny any more.

Not much has happened today. The world has kept on spinning and my classes have kept on going. The sun was brilliant and it was quite a hot summer's day. It was perfect. It was perfect even with me being in class and inside for most of the day. Now I am tired and the muscle relaxer is beginning to work and I am ready for bed.

Sometimes perfection doesn't really require much to be just what it is...perfect.

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