Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Haro-ing Experience

Hubby and I have a friend we will call Haro.  He is tall, dark haired, handsome, and funny as all get out when he decides to be.  We really didn't know exactly how funny he was until last night.
Thursdays are usually our role playing nights.  We play paper/table TPG games like Dungeons and Dragons, Rifts, and now we are possibly beginning to play War Hammer RPG.  To prepare for playing, as in all rpg's you have to make up characters (which is done with rules and dice rolls and careful manipulation of stats in order to make up the character you feel most comfortable with).  The place we usually play at, one of the more famous gaming stores in Lexington, called Rusty Scabbard closed so we went to Barnes and Noble for some drinks and a nice place to roll up characters.
It was quite interesting.  Hubby is a human and I am a halfling, or a Hobbit if you will. 
Barnes and Noble closed so, as per our usual habit, we stood outside of the establishment and talked of various topics.  One of which ended up being sleeping and dreams.  Haro said he has made plans while sleeping and even ordered a rental van to go to King's Island with his friends.  I will save that particular telling for a later time.  The time I want to tell you about concerns stairs and a skeleton.
Haro said, "I jumped down a flight of stairs once."
Me and Hubby:  "Why?"
Haro:  "Because there was a skeleton down there and I was going to attack it!  I woke when I smacked the wall and my arm was at an unnatural angle and painful.  I also have sleep paralysis."
Us:  "Oh?"
Haro nodded intently.  "Yep.  I was quite paralyzed when I had fallen asleep in my recliner and the TV was on.  I couldn't move when I woke up, and really wasn't all the way awake, because there was this little alien over by the door peeping out at me and making all kinds of gestures.  It was coming to get me and do experiments on me and was nodding and grinning joyfully, and quite...evil.  I thought 'No, no, no, please don't' and it nodded and grinned more.  It was an interesting night." 
I love our friends.  I really, really do.

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