Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm Alive!

Life has been happening to me, for me, with me, around me, and as many other places as can possibly be thought of for the past several days.

School is progressing. Now the first week is over us students, especially us new students, are thrown into the deep water and told to swim. So far I am swimming with the best of them. Mid-terms aren't here yet, but I am feeling a little more confident than I have for a while. The law research class is proving my hardest class. I am working on it as hard as I possibly can and succeeding. There is a completely different mind-set to get into and I am not quite there, yet. I am not stopping until I am though. This challenge helps remind me I am alive (although currently exhausted) mentally and physically.

My niece's husband is in the hospital at University of Kentucky Hospital with an extremely rare form of cancer. The original diagnosis meant that he was one in a million; now it has been discovered he has the rare form of this particular cancer, so the odds have grown tremendously. Wednesday he is going into surgery to try and remove some of the cancer. Sadly, in order to remove part of the cancer the surgeon is going to have to remove part of his spinal cord. No, not a good thing, but a necessary thing.

Now I go and study.

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