Thursday, July 12, 2007

Banana Sushi ahead - Set Phasers to Deep Fat Fry.

(You're right, the title makes no sense, but it's not supposed to)

Cheyenne here again, checking in on behalf of our wayward Editor.

While we're waiting on her to return to make her triumphant return (ask her about shushing a drummer when she gets back), I provide a couple of links for your enjoyment.

First, in case you wonder just what it is I do with my time, I supply a brief description of what I do at the office. Mostly, it involves programming, and the occasional duel to the death with barbarian snakes. These are the trials of a ninja code monkey.

Secondly, for your inspirational poster needs, a veritable slew of original series Star Trek inspirational posters. I myself am partial to the “Captain James T. Kirk,” “Expendability,” and “Ingenuity” ones myself.

I'd say that the Editor will return tomorrow, but last I heard, the entirety of her plans for tomorrow were 'sleep' - which sounds like a good plan to me. Rest assured, though, she will be back as soon as she can.

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