Monday, July 09, 2007

Felt like a Monday, but it has turned out super! Thank you, God!

Yes, I know, I should already be in bed by now. Believe me, I'm going. The only thing I really wanted to do today just for myself was to sit down and . . . share:

For a while now I have seriously been worried about how I was actually going to be able to do the research I need for my classes as well as for my job since most everything I need is in law books that are usually 2 to 3 inches thick and feel wonderful in your hands (although my hands nearly drop them every time). Today was the first actual "research" thing we did (and it was very easy, thank goodness). And I did it, too!

How, you ask? There are twp places I can go to to look up cases and other things. I is called and the other is called LEXIS. You have to have passwords for these places and you seem to need to be in school or actually working in order to use these two electronic resources. Even though I have not received my LEXIS password yet, I was able to use Westlaw to do what I needed on-line and keep up with everyone else. This made me quite happy! It felt as if I had almost discovered a new way to tie a bow or something! I was giddy with it.

Then it hit me -- I'm preparing to use these tools in my education and then a job. Me. The Editor. Yep. Going to be using these two items a lot because attorneys don't have time to be reaching me big thick books. So, I have decided I am going to be the "Westlaw and LEXIS Whizz" at Sullivan. This will help me and my job career as well as my studies because I will have access from these sources even at home. This makes me relax a little in some ways, and makes me tense in others because there are possible days when the arthritis will try and keep me down. If I can't make it physically into the office I can still telecommute and do what I need (I hope) from home as far as the research is concerned.

According to my intro to law teacher, the new trend is to go electronic. I am right there, people. I love books. I'll never give physical books up, but man, will I use the dickens out of Westlaw and LEXIS!

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