Friday, July 11, 2008

Guest Post from Cheyenne

Cheyenne here, folks, and...well, let me explain.

The above strip is from a webcomic called Jackie's Fridge. It's an odd story, with an evil guinea pig, a talking refrigerator, a short redhead named Jackie, and an assortment of odd characters. Two of those characters are featured above - Ada, the blond haired black Scottish woman, and Gin, the young girl with the sundae.

Some time ago, I brought this particular strip up to The Editor. I'm not sure what we were talking about, although I'm pretty sure it was something sweet. Probably chocolate, knowing us. Actually, I think it might have been fudge - I'd made some and left it at her home one trip, and she was savoring each piece, letting it melt on her tongue. She was trying to explain just how much she loved the fudge, but was not coming upon the right words.

That doesn't happen often, mind you, her not finding the right words. It's kind of fun when it does.

So I'm listening to her, and I can see this odd, faraway look in her eye as she remembers the fudge, and I nodded sagely. "You don't really enjoy the fudge," I said. "You experience the fudge."

Her eyes snapped into focus, and she looked at me for a long second. "Yes," she said. "Exactly."

Then I muttered the rest of the strip under my breath - the "May I experience your pie?" part. And the editor, heard me, and pressed me for an explanation.

So I told her about the strip, and the idea one experiencing something has slipped into our shared lexicon. Some things we just enjoy, but some things, our most favorite of things - fudge and wrestling and really good music - we don't simply enjoy - we experience them, with no fear of being laughed at or of being messy or of being thought strange.

Life is a wondrous thing, you see. It just takes a little experience.

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