Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Different Sort of Gray

Today has not been the best. It has been one of pain and almost-unhappiness due to said pain. This time Arther (Arthritis for the newbies) has decided to visit the hands, elbows, feet, and touched on the right knee. Plus the sciatic nerve really isn't happy yet, but growing less annoyed with being part of this particular body.

To help alleviate the unhappy body, the power chair was brought into play today. Yes, I know, I was surprised I actually let myself get into it after all of the hard work it took to get used to the manual one which keeps my legs stronger and moving. If everything goes as I hope, tonight will see me putting the power chair on charge for the doctor's visit tomorrow, and some good, quiet sleep tonight.

Since it is Thursday there is the game to consider. I have considered it and am not going. Getting outside in the power chair wouldn't be a problem, but getting out of the power chair and struggling into the van would be more struggle than what I personally want to undergo today, especially since the pain is just now beginning to ease up a little. However, since I am not going to the game there is time to just sit quietly and knit on the scarf I have promised Church. I may also watch Hellboy, the uncut version while I knit. So, see, the evening will not be wasted.

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