Monday, August 04, 2008


Today has already been an odd day, but, surprisingly, a good day.

To start off the day I had a horrible headache that made me feel de-evolved into something very unpleasant. Surprisingly, when I actually made it to my feet from laying down, my neck popped loud, with a tremendous sharp pain, and the headache vanished! I am thankful the headache vanished and hopeful I will not sleep in a position that puts my neck in such a horrible place again.

The meeting with the Vocational Rehabilitation councilor for today was cancelled due to transportation problems. Surprisingly, when I explained to her everything that had been going on and how the re-scheduling for today wasn't going to work out as I had hoped, she was understandable. In the conversation we also talked over some good possibilities for some employment of at least part time. The Voc Rehab councilor wanted a release from my doctor, which, hopefully, I can secure for her the very next time I go to the doctor, which is the 22nd of this month. Again, this was a not-so-good-something that has ended up actually being positive.

The novel is progressing and I realized that I enjoyed my first beginning than the second one. This means, of course, I'll go back to the original beginning and move on from there. Sadly, I will have to work most of the day to catch up on the word count since I did nothing over the weekend (husbands have priorities on the weekends you know). And, since I have begun a somewhat difficult novel, my beloved werewolf keeps popping up; as a matter of fact, I dreamed about him all night last night and leads me to wonder...again...if I can indeed write two distinctly different novels at the same time. Several writers' blogs I read seem to have them concentrating on only one new piece at a time. Perhaps, by the time the spiffy fantasy novel is finished my beloved werewolf will be more willing to go down onto the paper? One project at a time, though, is probably the best route to take at the moment.

Yesterday Hubby and I finally made it to Barns and Noble! It was SO fantastic to be there! I was so very pleased, and even he had a good time this time. Sniffles made it to BN as well and it was just a wonderful escape for me, even though we didn't make it to Church. Hubby just couldn't wake up and I just simply wasn't feeling all that well. Relaxing at the bookstore and meeting friends and getting a fleece to spin up has made me it so much easier to deal with life in general, at least for today.

Bought more yarn to begin a new tam with yesterday. Is it even possible for me to go near a place that sells yarn without making a purchase? I am beginning to doubt it is. The new yarn is going to make a very interesting tam, I think. Pictures when it is finished, of course.

Now, off to to some housework and catch up on the writing!

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