Tuesday, August 19, 2008

There IS a good reason I haven't been around for a while...

And just what is that reason you ask? It is called MY BIRTHDAY!!! Cheyenne came in for his birthday as well as mine, and we partook of good food and friendship, and after dinner on Thursday, which was my actual birthday, we went to Lynagh's Pub downtown where PG was bar tending. The drink you see here to the right is the drink that ended the night -- whiskey.
And the lovely beverage below began the evening. It has 9 liquors, if I am not mistaken, and it packed quite a punch. Yes it did! So I just had to have one more of them before moving to the nice shot of whiskey PG gave me as a birthday present.
AND I drove in my little handy-dandy power chair all the way to the van without one single mishap. However, once I was on my feet and moving, all of the liquor hit, of course. I believe, if I am not mistaken, I informed nearly everyone and anyone who would listen that it was my birthday...loudly.
Poor Hubby handled it all with humor and smiles and listened to me jabber in the bed until I passed out fell asleep peacefully beside him.
Friday I slept late, sort of, and awoke hungry and happy. No hang over. (See, I did go to college!) Since some friends didn't get to make it to the dinner on the previous night there was a second evening of dinner at Natasha's Cafe where there was a live band playing. They were a Beatles cover band and did an awesome job. People danced and sang and ate and it was loud and it was fun and happy and was the perfect topper to the birthday celebrations.
Saturday we all just sort of hung out and relaxed. Sunday was an ill day for my darling Hubby. We think (are pretty sure) he got too much MSG along the way in the form of KFC chicken. He was a sick man, and I was just exhausted. He had a full-blown migraine all of Sunday and was weak from it yesterday so he ended up not going to work, which means today he is putting in over-time to catch up on all of the work he missed. He so hates to miss any days, but especially Mondays because it throws his week off (and work schedule).
Since partying for most (if not all) of the weekend, yesterday I sat down and wrote out a good list of all of the things I needed to accomplish this week. Since I spread everything over the week, it is actually getting done slowly; this means the plan is working! Now, all I need is to get my left leg to stop hurting just a little: I slipped yesterday and hit my psyattic(sp?) nerve and it hasn't stopped hurting since. Still, it hasn't put a damper on anything. It is just a (horrible, terrible) pain that will pass eventually and I'll be 100% instead of just 85% as is the current case.
Hubby and I have decided to go down to Lynagh's about once a week just to get away for a little while and have a drink. He says they have an awesome selection of sandwiches. I wouldn't mind trying one.

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