Friday, September 17, 2004


Today Hubby was looking for batteries to go into a flashlight (he has decided that, on his vacation, he is going to remodel as much of the bathroom as he can - more on that later).

"So, how many new batteries did you put in your camera?" Hubby asks.

"Two," I say.

"And your camera doesn't work, Right?" he said, drawing ever nearer my camera.

"Yes, it does," I said. Hubby stopped advancing on my camera.

Since I was very young I have been something of a shutter-bug. I always was taking pictures of things I found very interesting, and my Mom and Dad were convinced I was wasting film.

As I grew older I became an even bigger shutter-bug and took tons of pictures, but, like most semi-adults I never took the roles of film to the developer so I never got to see what my interesting pictures turned out like. Then, lo and behold, Hubby gave me a digital camera and the world changed!

I didn't have to go to the developer to see my pictures! They were right there on the computer for me to see and edit and when I wanted I could save them to disk and take them to the developer and have hard, tangible copies of my photographic eye. So far I haven't done that because, well there didn't seem to be a need in it.

Now, I'm wondering if it isn't time to work on getting some hard-copies of my photographic eye and put them in a scrapbook of sorts. Although I can share my pictures with all of those that have a computer (and most everyone does), sometimes it would be nice to have pictures to pull out and say, "This is when we/I went to so-and-so."

I have even actually thought of blowing up some of my pictures and putting them as decorations in my home. Hopefully they will be good enough that people won't laugh at them.

It seems my creativity is going out in several different directions and calling me forward to explore so many different avenues.

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