Saturday, September 18, 2004

Soap Opera Time Is Heading This Way

I'm not one who watches soap operas on a constant basis. They tend to bore me, except in the fall and winter as the weather is changing and I am usually sitting in the living room working on my craft projects in the afternoon after writing all morning. It is a special "geeky me" time.

All through the summer the TV is rarely turned on during the day because I am busy with so much else - writing, reading, research, going out places, and, of course, playing with the animals. In the winter, this routine changes and I stay a little more quiet and closer to the heater because of arthritic joints and pain.

I am not one who stays quiet mentally and even though my hands may be busy doing something, my mind must have something to grab it every so often just to keep my hands working. It seems my mind never slows down or shuts off for very long at a time. Hubby says I have a problem relaxing. Maybe I do.

All I know is that when the winter comes, in order for me to keep working on my projects, my mind needs a little extra fluff to occupy it and slow it down enough in order to get my wonderful craft projects done. So, that means soap operas are playing in the background.

Yeah, really sappy background noise to keep some part of my girlie brain occupied while I can work on my quilting this year.

You know, I'm looking forward to it this year. Sort of like a power-down for a little while.

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