Thursday, September 02, 2004

Something New

Writer's Digest gives out writing prompts for every day for a given month. Yesterday I received them, so I thought I would post them here for all to enjoy. Who knows, it could help us all with our writing. If you come up with a really cool story by using these prompts, or any cool story you have anyway, submit it to The News and let's see what happens!

1. Dabble in children’s fiction by writing a story for a children’s picture book. Remember to keep the language simple and short but develop an overall plot and theme.
2. Reread your favorite book. Then try to mimic the author’s voice, tone and style in an original plot of your own.
3. Let the pen lead you—literally. Create a story in which an author is led on a strange and comical quest by his or her trusty pen that comes to life one day.
4. Select five words. Changing only one letter in each word, create new words and define them.
5. Take some time to think about the things you love, then list them. Hang this list up in your writing area.
6. If you had a guardian angel, what form would your angel take (human or not)? On what dilemma in your life right now would you most like guidance?
Practice point of view by challenging yourself to tell the same tale from the good guy’s and bad guy’s perspectives.
7. Start a journal in the voice of your character. What are her thoughts? Why does she keep a journal?
8. Create an idea basket. Write down plot or article ideas on strips of paper. Fill your idea basket with future projects.
9. Choose seven words. Create a poem that uses all of them.
10. Write about the family dynamics during holiday dinners or picnics. Capture the subtle and more obvious traditions your family upholds.
11. If you were operating at your peak creative level every moment of the day, write about how you’d feel.
12. Describe your childhood home. Write down as many details as you can remember. Compare it to the location you call home now.
13. Write a scary story that could be told around a campfire to children.
14. Take a story you’ve already written and rewrite it from another character’s viewpoint.
15. Spend a day in your character’s shoes. Speak, dress and act like him. Take notes.
16. Write a short story that takes place on another planet in another time. What scenario will unfold for your alien characters?
17. You have $50 to spend for the month. Outline your budget, explaining why you’d spend money on certain items.
18. Challenge yourself to write a riveting tale that takes place within the confines of one hour.
19. Write an article that shares the writing technique tips you’ve found beneficial. This exercise will make you think about how your writing process works.
20. If you could have any magical power for only one hour, what would it be?
21. You’re inside an elevator and the doors won’t open. What’s worse, you’re claustrophobic.

22. Write this story.
23. Take this scenario: cooking dinner. Write a comical scene where everything that can go wrong does.
24. Try writing a short mystery story. Create a detective as your main character and relay the story from her point of view.
25 Have you ever experienced something you couldn’t explain? Write down your brushes with the mysterious.
26 Have you ever sat through a boring acceptance speech at a banquet? Pretend you’ve just won an award. Write a speech that’ll bring down the house.
27. How would you change your life? Use words to detail what your dream life would be. Perhaps writing it down will bring you a step closer to living it.
28. Write a journal entry about your most memorable birthday. Why is it so vivid to you?
29. Write a poem that uses an animal as a metaphor for an emotion. Example: A tiger could be anger.
30. If you were the President of the United States and had to address the nation, what would you say? Draft a speech

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