Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Beginning of Eastern Orthodox Lent

In a way, this past Sunday, called Meat Fare Sunday, is the beginning of Lent for many of us Eastern Orthodox Christians. On that day we give up all meat, if possible, and after Cheese Fare Sunday, which is this coming Sunday, everything else we are taking out of our diet as well as the things we have decided to add in for the Lenten observance begins.

Since there are some certain health issues I must be very aware of, I am keeping fowl, dairy, and eggs in my diet. However, this Lent I am trying to be very aware of the times I eat chicken or fowl. So far this week I have not eaten any chicken and I am actually quite proud of myself. Instead of chicken I have been adding in nuts, fruits, and just being very careful of what I eat. Tomorrow I will make certain and eat some chicken and on Saturday.

One of the things I am giving up this Lent is Pepsi. Luckily I don't have to give it up until next week. It is going to be most difficult to give that silly beverage up, simply because I depend on it when going out to eat. And it isn't just Pepsi in particular, but ALL carbonated pops/beverages. Sometimes some of the hardest things to do during Lent is giving up the standbys we have all come to depend upon.

Another thing Hubby and I have decided to give up is a good amount of television programs. Since I watch a lot of television or have it on during the day, giving up the TV is going to be difficult. Hubby suggested I keep *How Clean Is Your House?* and *You Are What You Eat* because they are helpful, and, of course, the noon news for the weather reports.

Since a lot of things I cannot take out of my diet, this Lent I have added in several different things to make sure I am doing something productive in my faith and honoring what this season truly means: I have added in Bible reading, and my prayer rope of the Jesus Prayer each and every day. True, there isn't a set time for doing either, but my day is usually a little different, but, so far, I have been able to do this relatively well. Keeping it going, of course, is going to be the interesting part.

This Lent I am actually looking forward to - a new beginning for me and my faith, belief. It is difficult to have faith in this day and age, and seasons such as this help us re-define ourselves with the faith and belief we have. It is important, I believe, to participate in them.

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