Monday, March 10, 2008

A Monday Without Pepsi

OK, I feel like this bunny looks. You can check out the full caption over at Disapproving Rabbits. Just click the title of this entry and it should take you right to the site. It amazes me how angry and determined a bunneh can look!

I ran out of Pepsi on Friday and because of Lent we have not purchased any more because I decided it would be a good idea to give it up for a little while. Saturday I had a Coke, so it wasn't so bad, but not one single Coke or Pepsi has been had since Saturday. I have tea, mind you, and it is good tea. I made it just the way I likes it. But it isn't a Pepsi.

It isn't a loss of caffeine either because I have had a good strong cup of coffee. I miss having my afternoon Pepsi and reading over my e-mails and going through the knitting sites, and news sites. Until you say you aren't going to do something for a while you really don't see just how much something is a comfort until you can't have it for a while. As of right now I definitely know one thing that is going into our Pascha basket.

I don't have a caffeine headache, but there is a headache present: It seems the headache from my fall has come back. It just loved me so much it couldn't leave me alone. *sigh* Yes, I realize this isn't a very spiritual admission, but it is very much a true one. Pepsi is one of my daily comforts, and without it I realize just how much a comfort it is, and I miss it. However, at the same time I know I can do without it for a while and will learn how to make it through with other things.

One reason why Pepsi is important is because of my Mommy, and I didn't realize it until today. When I was growing up, and during those years of when I was at home before going to college, my Mom and I would take a break during the day, but not with coffee -- we would have a nice cold Pepsi, either over ice or straight from the fridge. We would relax and talk about problems, or gossip about what was happening on Stinnett; and sometimes we would talk about the Bible and what we thought certain passages meant. I know I will never get over missing her, but I didn't realize just how much of my Pepsi addiction was linked with relaxing with her, as well as finding that one special time during the day to let everything go that wasn't overly important in preparation of greeting my guy when he gets home from work, and then cooking supper.

Perhaps now I will appreciate my afternoon Pepsi just a little more, since I've realized just how special it truly is for me.

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