Tuesday, March 11, 2008

S.C. Church Fighting to Evict White-Supremacist Store

There is a video from Yahoo News/AP Press about a store in an old theatre in Laurens, S.C. that is a white supremacist store. There you can purchase anything you could possibly want or need for a good ol' cross burning, including the white sheet costumes.

The rub is, the theater is owned by a black pastor and black church in Laurens (which was named after a slave trader). In the video the store owner, a young white man says, "If this store falls, the nation will fall." Yeah, right, gimme a break! When has any insignificant little store been the downfall of an entire nation. Some might even call this delusions of grandeur.

Why people try to keep a "race war" concept going is beyond me, especially in this 21st Century. We are a nation of all kinds of skin colors and origins. It always has been. Who actually believes it was just pure white people who colonized this nation? The pure white people took the land from the Native people here and even now refuse to accept the true responsibility of what was done to an entire people. Yet, the white race is supposed to be superior. What superior thing has the white person done for the good of humanity? Has it been only white people who have helped make the advances that we call the modern age? I don't think so - we have cell phones and computer technology that comes from a think tank of advancements from all over the world. I hate to burst your bubble, people, but America is a little bit behind on the technological advancements in computers and cell phone arenas, as well as in health care for the common person.

Besides that, we're fighting a war that has no purpose or base and putting out own people into harms way because...ooops we made a mistake?

No one skin color is better than any other skin color. We are all just people God created. What do we have the right to fuss about it if God looked upon what he had made and called it Good?

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