Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday...It's Monday...

Today has been one of those oddly nonproductive-productive days. Hubby went to work and didn't come home for lunch because he has lots of work to do and he also wants to go to service tonight. This has meant I have had one of those (now) unusual items of a day completely alone except for the animals. Even though it has been most refreshing it has also been something a little off kilter for me for some reason. Perhaps Hubby coming home for lunch has become something of the norm? At any rate, I do understand we will have to begin to pack him a lunch several times a week in order to save money since gas has gone up over $3 here in Lexington. Can anyone remember when it used to be under $1? I can. And I miss those days. Hopefully this will encourage people to purchase hybrids so we won't have to worry too much about gas and petroleum fuel for a while in the near future. I can hope can't I?

Made it to tai chi Saturday. We got there late because...I'm not sure why exactly. We had time and then we didn't. At any rate, we got there, and it was SO wonderful to be able to practice and to move. Just Bill was encouraging and I really did miss everyone! *sigh* Now I must practice alone, with Hubby or with Hubby and...The ShowMan. This isn't going to stop my tai chi practice, but at the same time it does put a different spin on it, which is OK for now. It is only a temporary stall to learning. Plus, Hubby and I will be going to the Kite Festival in Georgetown and spend a good part of the day there, after class of course.

Tomorrow is the beginning of classes for me. It is the repeat of the CSC class. I am looking as forward to it as possible. Surprisingly you have no idea how really "possible" that is right now. The nerves are really kicking into over-drive, which is normal I suppose.

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