Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Announcement - Wherein Cheyenne Gets Silly

And lo, it did come to pass, that the Editor, full of words and characters and overflowing with enjoyment, did attract the attention of the lord of all monkeys, fearsome, mighty, smelly Ooo-Ooo-Rhaa, who came down from the high forests on the slopes of Mount Bonobobo, where the rare and wondrous red banana grow, and took up his great wrench and smashed his finger, all the better to chuck it at our well loved Editor and strike her upon the head, laying her low while curses in the ancient and terrible language of the monkeys issued forth from Ooo-Ooo-Rhaa’s simian lips – for I say unto you, if you don’t cuss, it don’t count.

Ok, so she had a really bad headache yesterday and is resting more today to make sure it’s gone. This sounds more fun.

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