Friday, September 09, 2005

The World of "New" Wrestling?

Being the wrestling fandom geek I am I found myself being just a little bored of my beloved wrestling. No, I still love the performers of extradinary size and musculature just as much (regular readers already know my favorites), the story lines were just getting old. I was ready for something new. It seems most of the wrestling world was ready for something new. Now we have it.

WWE SmackDown! has a new and different agenda. It has moved from Thursday nights to Fridays, which is going to cause a huge uproar with my TV watching schedule, and now something else. The first our is going to be broadcast on The second hour on UPN.

I really want to watch my Sci Fi Friday shows, but I really like the line-up that is happening this new day. I am also very interested in seeing what is going to happen with the matches and if any of them will be uncut and if you have to pay for them on It is most interesting. Life, as we know it, in the wrestling world may be changing, but for the better.

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