Friday, September 09, 2005


Kolbar has a tendency to do something very similiar to me.  Sometimes he will say, "Why not a pizza?"  I usually agree.  (Who, really, in their right mind, says "no" to pizza?  Even if you are following the Stallone rule of eating and only take 3 bites of the thing, do you EVER say "no"?)  Then he says, "You call."  I call.  The pizza place answers and then he, Kolbar, must know EVERYTHING that goes on the pizza.  So, for the next few minutes we discuss, with the pizza guy, the creation of our pizzas.  We usually get two: one for him, one for me.  Why?  Because he usually does the pineapple thing, and, although it may be widely accepted, even loved, putting pineapple on pizza is just simply WRONG.

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