Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Gamers Wrath

I finished my first ever video game last night! It was Strangers Wrath for X-Box. I have been playing video games for quite a few years but never actually was the first one to make it to the end. Why? I'm married. B loves to play video games and we usually "share" them, meaning we take turns playing in a given gaming night. It is most fun actually, except when it comes to the endings - he usually does the endings because he is usually the one who has the controller at the time.

For the past couple of weeks, B has permitted the X-Box to stay hooked up because JoJo is more grown-up than what she was and we have a nice coffee table to hold the X-Box safely now. So, while he has been at work I have been able to play a little through the day and he has been able to come home and relax by picking up where I left off. This time B even stopped a couple of times and said, "You can take care of him tomorrow." Of course the "him" was usually a boss of some type and my gaming skills actually went up because of it, so I have no complaints about that.

Yesterday was a very bad writing day: I had been working on a short story to submit but everything I tried just kept popping wrong and so gave up about four o'clock, which is my winding-down-time now, and started playing. B wasn't coming straight home so I had a couple of more hours of time to play, and in that time I actually finished Strangers Wrath!

Yes, I was elated. I was all alone except for the dogs and I was watching the ending movie with much interest and pleasure because I was seeing it first because of the actions I had led Stranger through. We had fought hard against Secto and now we had finally done what we needed to do in order to have peace in Oddworld!

And there was much rejoicing!

Now on the agenda is Panzer Dragoon Orta. I really wanted to play it but B said he wanted to play it first. Now the X-Box is up I feel as if I have a chance of beating this game as well.

Oh, and last night when B came home, I was able to tell him I had finished the game. I saw and heard the same happy disappointment that I had always had before in my own face and voice. And I really didn't feel bad about it.

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